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Cubone Pokemon Skull Pendant - Sterling Silver 925


One of our fine Sterling Silver 925 pendants! This piece of folk-pop art was made completely in Canada! 3D Printed, Cast in Silver, Polished and Made in Canada! Coming from a family tradition of jewelry making, we put a geek-y twist on this piece! Absolutely perfect for the poke-fan out there looking for a reminder for their favorite mourning mon. Get them while they last! We only produced a handful of test pieces!


Pendant 0.65" x 0.65" x 0.65" - Sterling Silver 925
Chain 20" - Sterling Silver 925
Comes with Black Velvet Box.

Mourning Mon Pendant

  • Made in Canada.
    3D Printed and Cast in Sterling Silver 925.
    Chain 20" Length - Sterling Silver 925.
    Comes with Black Velvet Box. 

  • View in Sketchfab here!

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