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About Us!

So you want to know what the Standee People are all about? Well, I'll tell you what they are all about. 

We've been making Standees for a good long while now, we started from humble beginnings into a business that seems to have people from around the world coming back year after year to our booth. We love to see the fans get excited as we get excited. To inspire a moment of absolutely pure 'd'awwww'. And to see those smiles time and again, while our figures melts your hearts. 

We produce front and back magnetized foam cut-out figures. A stange and unique invention that fills in the niche between a print and a figure. When your walls are of full of fandom and your shelves are overflowing with statues. Standees falls in-between to save the day at a deskside, cubicle, work station, or any where someone needs a quick 'squee'. 

That being said, we are going to try to do it for a few more years. Make sure that the folks who keep coming by and looking for this booth find it. 

These figures aren't the Standee People, you folks and fans out there, you are the Standee People.

Hugh Kha,
The Standee Guy


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