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What is a Standee?

Standees are hand-crafted cut-out fan-art figures! They are all hand drawn and digitally painted, printed, pressed, glued and cut out in Toronto, Canada. We've loving perfected a the perfect take away item while at a convention, designed to fold up flat for easy 'giant convention tote' carry, our figures pop together in a jiff utilizing cutting edge neodynium magnets! We do our best to make sure we know the content we make, we are fans too after all! So not only do our figures have a cute front, they also have cute backs, often times with easter eggs.  Look at our shop to see the full selection! 


Where Can I Buy Standees? 

You can buy Standees at most major Canadian Comic and Anime Conventions. You'll often find us nestled away at in an Artist Alley or the Dealers Hall. We'll have a full list of upcoming shows available on our Facebook Page. We also sell occasionally in the states through fellow Art Dealers. Finally, our Standees are always available on our site,


How Do I Place An Order?

There are two ways to place an order! Just feel free to browse our shop, look through the categories and click 'Add to Cart' when you find something that tickles you the right way! It'll show up in your Cart in the top right corner! 

The second way is to contact me directly under the Comissions tab of our page. There you can contact me about requests, comissions or custom orders!


Commissions and Requests

We try our best to bring the latest and greatest of Nerd Culture to our patrons every show! There are some gems out there we miss, and if you feel like there is something we just have to make! Feel free to drop us a line and throw a request into the mix! You never know if it'll be something that shows up at the next show just since you asked! 

For commissions I'm only available following the convention season to fulfill these types of orders. They are open from October to April of each year. If there is something you are looking for special feel free to throw me a line anyways and I'll get back you as soon as possible! 


Returns & Refunds

We try our best to provide quality product to all of our customers! If you have any problems with your standees or if something doesn't arrive. We will do everything in our power to get your standee, repaired, replaced or returned if necessary. Drop us a line, we'll make it right. 


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