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Bulbasaur Planter - 3D Printed - Pokemon


One of our 3D printed planters! This piece of folk-pop art was made completely in Canada! Painted, Airbrushed with Acrylics, and Varnished for that matte finish. Planters based on Pop characters, these are the faces behind the faces of the characters we've all come to love.

Great for 4" planter! We use it with green onions or other kitchen plants! With a UV resistant clearcoat, the planter will hold up to the sun for a good while! 


Medium: ~8" x 8" x 8" in length (fits a 4" planter)

Bulbous Planter - 001

  • Made in Canada.
    3D Printed using PLA. 
    Painted with Acrylic Airbrush Paints.
    Matte Varnish Finish.

    Small: 3" to 4" in length
    Medium: 6" to 7" in length
    Large: 12" - 16" in Length

  • View in Sketchfab here!

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